These Foreign style bottoms move within the sting to give it ant look you want. A bigger more covered look or small more uncovered look. We called this style foreign becasue it gives off a foreign out of the US vibe. This style is the trend right now which is nice to see because we if you notice the trends go in a circle. What was trending a decade ago can be trending in a couple months! Love watching old school styles come back.


Our goal is to make you feel as confident, as beautiful, and as happy as we can. Let us do that for you by sending us an email with order number and add your bra size, measurments, and any additions or adjustments (for example adding straps to a strapless, making sure our product is true to your size, or making a certain style a certain color that you don't see on the site.) so we know how to adjust this bikini to your body and have it fit like a glove. We want to see a smile on your face and confidence in your walk and most importantly to

Love the skin you're in,

Sonsha Swim 💛

Sky Foreign Bottoms