This Top gives off the look of a strapless but with cute tie straps to give your tatas support and a strong hold! All out materials are the highest quality that exsists in the market. This means that the color will not fade, the bikini will not over stretch with time  (if washed right) (washed right means with fresh water and left to air dry NO WASHER OR DRYER) the bikini will not rip by pull because of its strong confections and it will always flatter you the way it did the first day you got itπŸ’›


Our goal is to make you feel as confident, as beautiful, and as happy as we can. Let us do that for you by sending us an email with order number and add your bra size, measurments, and any additions or adjustments (for example adding straps to a strapless, making sure our product is true to your size, or making a certain styke a certain color that you dont see on the site.) so we know how to adjust this bikini to your body and have it fit like a glove. We want to see a smile on your face and confidence in your walk and most importantly to

Love the skin you're in,

Sonsha Swim πŸ’›

Sunny Top